By verifying your customer’s identity, Selfbook actively reduces fraudulent bookings and guarantees hotels a significant decrease in cancellations and credit card chargebacks.  

Fraud Prevention

Selfbook’s validation system protects your hotel from ever-evolving forms of fraud using a multilayered approach of machine learning, rate rules and enterprise-grade security protocols. The software uses advanced algorithms to distinguish fraudulent transactions from real ones, ensuring your hotel is protected without losing potential revenue.

2FA & User Account

Selfbook uses 2 Factor Authentication and Single Sign On, allowing customers to log in with their phone number and complete their booking with one simple step for a password-free experience. 


Payment Validation

Selfbook verifies the validity and amounts of all credit cards and mobile wallets before passing them to hotels’ Central Reservations System.


Selfbook uses world-class PayFac to vault and verify customer credit cards, dispatching secure tokens and confirming payment with each vendor in the checkout flow. Our proprietary systems and payment technology are designed to support hotels in complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Selfbook is committed to ensuring our technology remains entirely accessible to all and compliant with the legal standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In order to remain completely accessible, we regularly audit our technology to guarantee our abidance with the ADA’s standards.



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