St Barths, Caribbean

Products Implemented

Selfbook Direct

Conversion and Revenue Boost

This report compares the first 4 months of Eden Rock’s performance since Selfbook’s implementation in 2021 compared to the same period two years prior. 2020 has been excluded due to abnormal pandemic travel patterns.

Throughout the examined period, the hotel experienced a 43% lift in direct revenue. With a smoother booking flow and lower bounce rate, guests were more inclined to stay on the website all the way through checkout, leading to a conversion rate increase of 87.9%.

  • 43%

    lift in direct revenue

  • 87.9%

    conversion rate increase

  • 340%

    avg. revenue lift for premium rooms


With its most expensive villas costing up to €15,000 a night, upselling guests into higher-end room categories is a key objective for the hotel. Since implementing Selfbook and its easy upgrade feature, which is embedded directly within the room detail page, Eden Rock has seen growth across its premium room types. This includes an increase in bookings for more expensive suites such as the Garbo Legacy Suite and De Haenen Legacy Suite, which have seen average revenue growth of 340%.

As the resort’s GM Fabrice Moizan says of the partnership, “We have driven more upsell for our top suites – guests are more confident to book our highest-end products online thanks to Selfbook’s efficient and clean design, as well as the possibility to feature large pictures of our guest rooms and brand-new suites.”


On top of the potential for room upsells, Eden Rock’s guests have also taken advantage of Selfbook’s easy add-ons feature to enhance their stay with services and amenities, all within the same streamlined checkout flow.

Among the hotel’s most frequently selected add-ons are Champagne Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Brut, massages, and bouquets of red roses in-room. In addition to taking an already luxurious stay to the next level, these special touches increase the hotel’s average order value and contribute to overall higher revenue.

A hotel dedicated to catering to its guests’ preferences down to the finest details to ensure a memorable stay, Eden Rock has harnessed Selfbook’s technology to extend its best-in-class service offering to its online experience as well.