Enhancing guest experience while increasing direct revenue for hotels

Selfbook and Laasie, both guest-centric hospitality platforms dedicated to increasing direct revenue for hotels, have come together to further enhance the guest experience on- and offline. Selfbook modernizes hotel bookings and payments with its seamless booking layer and user experience, and Laasie shifts away from traditional loyalty to offer hotels a powerful membership program that provides guests infinite tiers, personalized rewards, and instant gratification.

Selfbook is setting a new standard in hotel bookings by increasing conversions, average order value, and revenue through its seamless checkout experience and digital wallet support for Apple Pay and Google Pay. Integrating directly with hotels’ existing systems, Selfbook is committed to empowering hotels worldwide by continuously improving user experience and supporting the fastest-growing payment methods that are shaping how we spend today.

Laasie brings instantly gratifying rewards to guests who book direct, enhancing conversion and retention with AI-driven reward personalization. With Laasie’s recommendation engine and rewards ranging from local in-market experiences to on-property ancillary revenue drivers like F&B, hotels have been able to drive over $520 million in direct booking and ancillary revenue.

Together, both platforms combine their conversion- and revenue-driving strengths to offer a simple, memorable booking experience that boosts guest loyalty. Within the booking flow, guests have the opportunity to view the combination of Laasie rewards tied to their selected reservation, such as local experiences, on-property rewards and merchant offers, all within Selfbook’s frictionless booking flow. Once the booking is complete, guests receive an email from Laasie with instructions to redeem their rewards, as well as the opportunity to either sign in to an existing loyalty account or create a new one for future use.

“Today’s travelers want instant rewards and frictionless booking experiences. Our partnership with Selfbook allows hotels to provide both to guests seamlessly in our integrated solution,” says Ellis Connolly, Chief Revenue Officer at Laasie. “With direct bookings being a top revenue strategy for hotels in 2023, we believe this partnership is a win for both guests and hoteliers.''

“Our partnership with Laasie will allow us to take Selfbook’s direct booking experience to the next level by further incentivizing guests to book directly on hotel websites,” says Gautier Colin, VP, Partnerships at Selfbook. “By seamlessly layering Laasie rewards into our booking flow, we bring guests an irresistible combination of special benefits and convenience to boost both loyalty and conversion.”

About Selfbook

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of fintech and hospitality, Selfbook revolutionizes hotel bookings and payments from the inside out. Working in tandem with hotels’ existing technology systems, Selfbook enhances what matters most to hotels, including direct conversion, revenue, cash flow control, and security. Built by a team of hospitality veterans, Selfbook’s products provide a refreshingly effortless user experience for guests and hoteliers alike. Selfbook is committed to empowering hotels worldwide with modern e-commerce solutions tailor-made for our industry.

About Laasie

Laasie powers a new kind of loyalty for 1,800 hotels and resorts through AI and a network of 1,100+ instant gratification partners. No points, no tiers, no waiting for qualification. Awarded the #1 Direct Booking Platform by HotelTechAwards, Laasie incentivizes conversion and retention, driving over $500 million in direct bookings for their partners.

Today’s savvy customers are uninspired by yesterday’s rigid loyalty programs, often leaving with unused points and limited brand affinity. Laasie uses artificial intelligence and big data to dynamically create loyalty with personalized, instant rewards that motivate customer actions like booking directly, making a return visit, joining a marketing program for offers, and more. The result? Customers enjoy enriched experiences with each brand interaction and partners benefit with increased net revenue, actionable data insights, strengthened customer relationships, and a scalable loyalty program that increases the lifetime value of every customer.

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