September 20, 2021

Apple Pay FAQs

As we move away from the time when cash, and even debit and credit cards, were king, a new era is upon us: the age of mobile wallets. With Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, WeChat Pay and more now dominating an increasingly large portion of the retail and e-commerce payment spheres, it's time for hotels to get on board. With more than 500 million global users, Apple Pay is one of the most popular mobile wallets today and is more than half of Americans' top mobile wallet choice.

How Safe Is Apple Pay? 

While all forms of payment carry risk, from stolen cash and cards to forged cheques, Apple Pay has a multitude of security features, such as biometrics, to make it one of the safest options on the market.

With Apple Pay, retailers never see credit or debit card numbers. Instead, a device account number (DAN) is transmitted to the vendor and a temporary token is then used as an approval. The device is not able to store DANs, except in the security enable portion, and these tokens can only be used once.  Devices need to be unlocked using fingerprints or passwords prior to using Apple Pay for added security in case the device is stolen.

How Do Apple Pay Biometrics Work?

Apple Pay offers an extra layer of security compared to typical credit and debit cards thanks to its biometric verification enablement. On iPhone and iPad, users can verify their identity using either Face ID or Touch ID with a fingerprint.

When making a purchase using Apple Pay on a Mac, users follow one of two courses of action. The first is to use Touch ID directly on the computer, and is available on MacBook Pros with a Touch Bar. The alternative, for computers without a Touch Bar, is to verify the purchase on an iPhone with the same Apple Pay and iCloud accounts after selecting Apple Pay on the Mac.

How Does Apple Pay Work With Selfbook?

Apple Pay can be seamlessly selected from Selfbook's various payment options. Once selected, users verify their identity and can save their Apple Pay details to their Selfbook account for easy future use without needing to re-enter information.

What Banks Enable Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is used in over 60 countries, and in the Unites States, most major banks, including Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo can be used.

How Are Credit Cards Linked to Apple Pay?

Apple Pay allows up to 12 credit cards to be connected. Apple Pay is recognized by most major credit card companies in North America, meaning users can make online purchases using Apple Pay while still accumulating credit card rewards.

By the Selfbook team.

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