August 13, 2021

The Future of Payment Software for Hotels

Everyone in the hospitality industry knows that consumers are looking for hassle-free service.  Unfortunately, many booking systems have not kept up with consumer preferences. They require guests to jump through hoops and redirect them off their website. This leads to frustration, confusion, and interrupted sales opportunities. 
Selfbook's easy-to-use booking and payment software for hotels uses tools that are secure and reliable to provide business owners with the chance to take control of their online bookings. See how this payment tool can streamline your customer’s online experience and drive revenue to your business. 

Simplify Your Booking

Your guests want intuitive booking tools. With Selfbook, your customers can pick their reservation dates and pay without ever leaving your website. No more distracting redirects to disrupt the selling process. 
Add-ons are also seamlessly integrated into the platform. Offer breakfast, room upgrades, and customized options within your website. This provides you an opportunity to directly promote high-margin products and services to every guest. 
Will easy-to-use payment software for hotels help your bottom line? We conducted a case study with Nemacolin in collaboration with King & Partners and found that Selfbook’s frictionless one-tap payments led to a 29% increase in direct bookings and an 18% higher average order price. This isn’t just about upgrading the look of your website; it makes a difference to your revenue.

Verify Payment Security 

Cyberattacks, fraud, and hacking are on the rise. Hotel owners are rightly concerned about the security of online payment systems. Selfbook takes payment security seriously, developing the platform with safety in mind. That’s why we verify every credit card before passing them to your CRS. End-to-end encryption protects your data from interception by unknown parties, and we also implement rate rules to protect your business from fraud and inventory hijacking. 

Unify Your Systems in One Hotel Booking System 

Selfbook never requires hotels to switch booking platforms. Your hotel can maintain its existing systems, while our API-first architecture integrates with the services you already use to create a unified website experience. We work with partners across the hospitality industry, such as SynXis, Sevenrooms, Mindbody, and SMS, to create a fully integrated booking and payment experience for your guests and hotel staff.

Selfbook also handles rate logic, quickly calculating how promotions, add-ons, and seasonal pricing interacts. This easy-to-use platform allows customers to select multiple services in a single purchase. Upselling will improve your average order value and increase operating margins.

Selfbook's Booking and Payment Software for Hotels

Customers are expecting more from websites every day. By taking back control of your booking process, you can create an online experience that is modern, easy to use, and secure. These state-of-the-art tools let your guest know that you value their business. By joining the Selfbook community, you also join the ranks of high-tech hotels leading the hospitality industry forward.

By the Selfbook team.

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