December 9, 2021

Selfbook Enables Hotel Bookings on Instagram At Last

Just in time for the holiday season, Selfbook brings Direct Links to life: Directly bookable links that can be shared across channels to take guests to a booking experience right on a hotel’s own website with zero redirects.

Shoppable social media posts and Google search results have become must-haves among e-commerce leaders in other industries, and Selfbook now makes instant bookings from anywhere on the internet a reality for the hospitality industry. 

As Ilyas Djeddou, Co-Founder and CTO of Selfbook, says, “There’s so much noise in the industry, and every booking channel is competing to become the source of truth for hotel bookings.”

With Direct Links, hotels drastically increase the likelihood of being guests’ go-to booking destination by ensuring the clickable links shared across the internet take people straight to their booking page.

Holiday Travel

Just in time for the festive season, Selfbook’s Direct Links can be customized to include certain promo codes and dates to foster more seamless bookings with fewer steps involved. Hotels can add these custom URLs to their Instagram stories, Link in Bio, holiday emails, and paid ads to boost conversions for winter campaigns.

By customizing Direct Links, hotels guide guests to their booking page pre-loaded with their specifications, whether for a December promotion or certain dates. In just a few moments, multiple links can be created to suit different social media and campaign needs, giving hotels more control over all touchpoints of the booking experience.


Custom Direct Links go far beyond Instagram - they can be shared across platforms, including all forms of social media, email and retargeting campaigns, paid ads, and more to ensure maximum visibility and drive traffic. Even Google Search gets an upgrade. Working in partnership with their metasearch partner, such as Triptease, hotels can ensure that Direct Links are automatically generated to match users’ search specifications.

Thanks to Google’s recent Hotel Search upgrade, which eliminates the requirement for hotels to pay to be featured, their own website is now highlighted by a blue check-marked “Official Site” button akin to a verified Instagram account icon. Once Direct Links are activated for metasearch, they will automatically link to the Official Site button, enabling guests to click through to the hotel website with the booking overlay open. This productive pairing not only helps hotels stand out against OTAs, but also ensures guests bypass any redirects and are immediately linked to the hotel site’s Selfbook-powered all-in-one booking functionality.

Ready to drive direct bookings from all corners of the internet this holiday season? Visit our Direct Links Generation Page to create your first custom link and start sharing.

By Haley Crawford

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