December 21, 2021

How Washington DC’s Hamilton Hotel Increased Website Conversion Using Selfbook 

Favorably positioned in the heart of downtown DC, Washington’s iconic Hamilton Hotel oozes historic flavor and offers immaculate service housed in an impressive art deco building, just steps from DC’s historical sites.

With a guest-centric approach to hospitality, Hamilton understands that the customer journey starts the moment someone clicks on the website. With this in mind, the hotel sought to elevate the pre-booking and post-booking experiences to complement their impeccable services onsite. 

With the same goal of outstanding performance and success, the hotel’s investment firm, EOS Hospitality, initiated the partnership with Selfbook. As Michael Givens, Senior Director of Digital Marketing and eCommerce at EOS, commented, “Oftentimes our guests’ first interaction with our hotel is on our website, and we want that first experience to be as smooth as possible.”

Partnering with Selfbook

By offering the only booking technology enabling hotels to accept Apple Pay and other modern digital payment methods, Selfbook proved to be a natural fit for the forward-thinking Hamilton Hotel. Wishing to enhance their guest checkout experience at minimal additional cost and without overhauling their existing booking platform, Hamilton was an early Selfbook adopter.

"We have been looking to offer guests more payment options – including digital wallets – on our websites, and Selfbook allows us to do that along with easy integration with our existing reservation systems."

As a result of the pandemic, corporate and group travel has declined dramatically across the globe. More than ever, the leisure guest has become an integral portion of hotels’ distribution strategies. For Hamilton, this meant a focus on increasing conversion on their brand website in order to maximize revenue while minimizing commission costs.


This report analyzes the performance of Hamilton’s website using Selfbook’s platform in 2021 compared to the site performance over the same period in 2019 as well as the site’s performance earlier in the year.

Since joining the Selfbook family, Hamilton Hotel saw an 18% lift in overall conversion rates. When compared to 2019’s pre-pandemic conversion rates, the overall conversion rates increased even further, by 22.6%.  

These numbers are even more dramatic when mobile devices are considered separately, with a 55.5% lift in mobile conversion from 2019. Thanks to Selfbook’s mobile-friendly seamless checkout experience, Hamilton Hotel has improved its capture of the fastest-growing audience of travelers.

"Capturing direct bookings is always one of our top priorities, and Selfbook’s ease of checkout and enhanced user experience puts our website in a more competitive position to capture direct bookings."

Digital Wallet Demand

Digital wallet adoption has been swift among Hamilton customers, and not only among mobile customers. 54% of desktop bookings during the period were made using Google Pay (49%) and Apple Pay (5%). On mobile devices, that number increases to 56%, with Apple Pay being the payment method of choice (37%) and Google Pay contributing an additional 19%. In both cases, guests have made it clear that they prefer the ease of digital wallets to entering a lengthy 16-digit credit card number, an expiration date, security code, and billing details.


Selfbook is helping Hamilton and hoteliers across the globe bring their digital payment capabilities into the modern age and boost conversions.

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By Olimpia Emo Capodilista

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