September 30, 2021

Eden Rock, St Barths

Selfbook is delighted to announce its partnership with the iconic Eden Rock – St Barths. The jewel of the island’s covetable crown, this hotel boasts a faithful client base that has been dreaming of returning to its Caribbean home away from home during the hotel's consecutive closures due to Hurricane Irma and Covid-19.

Now, the resilient and revamped hotel has re-opened its doors, complete with a Selfbook-enabled booking engine. In the words of the hotel’s General Manager, Fabrice Moizan, “Eden Rock – St Barths is thrilled to be working in partnership with the brand-new Selfbook platform.”

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A hotel renowned for its enchanting and relaxing atmosphere, Eden Rock – St Barths is now fully equipped to offer its adoring clientele an experience that is convenient and stress-free from end to end. The hotel is laser-focused on catering to guests’ every need, and from a booking perspective, there was no better key to customer satisfaction than Selfbook.

“Selfbook created a new experience which will become, without a doubt, part of everybody’s life.”

According to Moizan, “We are always looking to satisfy our clients when they join our Rock, and always want to make their lives easier when planning their sunny holiday. At Eden Rock – St Barths, it is part of our DNA to always anticipate what can be done to make things ‘Simple, Gorgeous, and Relevant’ for our guests/friends by following up on all the possible options which are or will be part of our audience’s habits.”

The most recent addition to these habits? No-hassle, one-click payments. Selfbook’s ability to make this consumer preference a reality for the travel industry is perfectly aligned with Eden Rock – St Barths’ vision to foresee and accommodate their guests’ every need, starting with booking and payment.


“Selfbook created a new experience which will become, without a doubt, part of everybody’s life,” says Moizan. “This is the reason why we chose the world’s fastest booking experience for hotels and the only platform to accept modern digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. This will make our hotel bookings more convenient than ever!"

Thanks to this new partnership with Selfbook, the siren call of Eden Rock – St Barths will soon be answered by swift, one-click bookings. Experience Eden Rock’s Selfbook-powered booking platform HERE.

By Haley Crawford

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