Not everything has to change.

These were the words that kicked off Selfbook Co-Founder and CEO Khalid Meniri’s keynote speech at the Forbes Travel Guide Summit in March 2023, and that hold true at the heart of Selfbook’s mission.

This year’s Forbes Travel Guide Summit, held at Resorts World Las Vegas, brought together some of the world’s top names in hospitality, from Virtuoso CEO Matthew Upchurch to Ben Navarro, CEO of Sherman Financial Group and Founder of Beemok Capital. With themes including sustainability and purpose-led hospitality, the Summit highlighted key voices and for 2023 and beyond.

Meniri’s keynote speech focused on the timeless allure of hospitality, and how technology can in fact be a means of enhancing the tried-and-true essence of this industry, rather than a distraction from it. By bringing “invisible technology,” as he calls it, to hotels and guests, Selfbook acts as a facilitator for ushering hospitality back towards what it’s always been about: human connection.

With a focus on fostering a seamless and transaction-free arrival experience at a hotel – an experience that is facilitated by Selfbook’s recently released product – Meniri’s speech resonated with the audience through a personal anecdote. He shares a memory about reuniting with his mother at a hotel in Morocco after being apart for eight years. Their heartfelt reunion was disrupted when a staff member interrupted, asking for Meniri's credit card. In Meniri's words, this "shattered" the moment and motivated him to develop a seamless, transaction-free arrival experience.

From frictionless bookings for guests to automatic and intuitive payments processing for hotels, Selfbook’s suite of products, including Station, Direct and Express, come together harmoniously to craft a modern – yet timeless – hospitality experience from end to end.

Watch Meniri’s speech to discover how Selfbook is empowering hotels around the world to return to their roots.

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