Canandaigua, United States

Products Implemented

Selfbook Direct

Upstate New York-based The Lake House on Canandaigua uses Selfbook’s add-ons feature to provide guests with memorable experiences, and has benefited from increased average order value as a result.

  • $111

    average revenue increase per add-on

  • 32%

    increase in average order value

Selfbook-powered hotels worldwide have taken advantage of the option to seamlessly integrate add-ons into their checkout process.

In April 2022, hotels garnered an average revenue per add-on of $111 and up to 7.7% of hotel reservations included add-ons. One of the hotels that has made the greatest use of the feature since integrating with Selfbook in January 2022 is The Lake House on Canandaigua.

Enhancing Guests’ Stay with Unique Add-Ons

Opportunities to amplify one’s stay at The Lake House are endless. The most popular add-on is breakfast for two, with runners-up including charcuterie boards, chocolate samplers, Finger Lakes wines, and house champagne delivered to guests’ rooms.

Leveraging Time-Based Add-Ons

Early Arrival and Late Departure are frequently requested but often overlooked. Having guests seamlessly book these in advance is not only a simple method for a hotel to bolster its bottom line, but it also streamlines hotel operations by aligning with guest expectations.

Low Cost for High Return

The cost of add-ons at The Lake House is less than 6% of the revenue they have generated since January 2022. With Selfbook’s simple add-ons feature, hotels can easily load their selection of add-ons into their CRS, and they will automatically appear in the add-ons carousel embedded within the booking flow. When presented with a variety of add-on options they may not have even known a hotel offered, guests are far more likely to include one or more in their booking.