Set a new standard for hotel bookings and increase direct revenue through simplified one-click payments, seamless display, and direct links.


System Integration

Selfbook works with leading partners across the hospitality ecosystem, including SynXis, SevenRooms and Mindbody, to seamlessly unify all elements of the booking experience, from room upgrades to meals and spa add-ons. Services and add-ons are tallied up in Selfbook’s all-in-one checkout and the software does the work of distributing the user’s payment among the appropriate third-party vendors.

Smart Merchandising

Selfbook leverages data-driven e-commerce best practices to increase average order value through upsells and add-ons, as well as by optimizing room type, rate and calendar display configurations. Selfbook's proprietary A/B testing and customer success team ensure your hotel is best-positioned to drive direct bookings, often bringing a 20% lift in average order value. 


Mobile Wallets

Selfbook is the only direct booking technology supporting modern mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. By catering to the needs and habits of the fastest-growing audience of mobile-savvy consumers, Selfbook ensures that no potential booking gets left behind.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Thanks to its Buy Now, Pay Later functionality, Selfbook enables your hotel to cater to a wider audience by accepting the segmented payment format favored by millennials and Generation Z. Installment-based payments, which are proven to drive a 30-50% uplift in average order value, also encourage guests to upgrade their stay.


Automated Clearing House is the safest and most convenient way to electronically transfer funds between accounts. Selfbook works with ACH to ensure your hotel can drive quick and easy payments with the highest level of security.

Credit & Debit Cards

Selfbook supports a wide variety of global credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club & JCB. 

Spark Direct Bookings with Innovative Display

Selfbook’s next-generation display platform helps hotels remove friction from the booking process, boost conversions and increase the opportunity for upsell.

No Redirects

Selfbook optimizes the bottom of the funnel and removes disruptive redirects to outdated, form-heavy booking templates. Guests are most likely to book when they are on a thoughtfully-designed website that is easy to navigate, not a generic CRS. 

Streamlined Flow

By allowing users to interact with the booking platform in a single, streamlined flow, including auto-filling personal information, Selfbook helps hotels reduce booking abandonment and boost conversions. A faster checkout process is statistically correlated with higher sales.

Loyalty Programs

Selfbook allows users to earn loyalty points with hotels' pre-existing partner loyalty programs.  Easy sign-in using guests' loyalty program IDs allows them to instantly unlock rewards.


Guests are able to log in to their Selfbook account to modify or add restaurant and spa reservations or on-site services up until arrival, increasing average order value and guest satisfaction.

Direct Links Built for One-Click Bookings

Today's consumers demand the quickest route to purchase - Selfbook Direct Links enable instant bookings through Instagram, Google search, and campaigns so guests can get to hotel booking pages faster.


Direct Links allow hotels to enhance their digital reach and tap into consumers' affinity for directly shoppable links, boosting conversions. Direct Links drive traffic to hotels' Selfbook-powered booking page from all corners of the internet, eliminating additional steps from the reservation process.


Direct Links can be shared across multiple platforms to ensure maximum visibility. The primary platforms for link distribution include Google metasearch, social media via stories, posts, and links in profile bios, and in email campaigns, retargeting campaigns, and paid ads.

Custom Links

Selfbook allows hotels to build custom Direct Links based on certain parameters to direct users to a booking page pre-loaded with the hotel's specifications. Whether hotels are promoting a sale for a specific holiday weekend or featuring vacations for families traveling with children, Selfbook's customizable Direct Links enable quick and easy reservations and boost conversions.

Social Media

Selfbook's Direct Link capability allows hotels to increase their exposure to a broader client base on social media through organic discovery and drive direct conversions. Hotels can easily embed customized Selfbook Direct Link URLs within their Instagram stories and bios, as well as in Facebook and LinkedIn posts.


Custom Direct Links can be shared via campaigns to promote specific types of stays and enable potential guests to click from a campaign straight through to the hotel booking page. Direct Links can be used in email campaigns, paid ads, and retargeting campaigns to reduce booking abandonment.


Selfbook Direct Links are automatically generated when users search for hotels on Google or other metasearch platforms. When guests check availability for specific dates on a search platform, the hotel website's Direct Link will take them to the booking page with the Selfbook widget open and the dates they searched pre-selected.



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