September 24, 2021

ADA Compliance

While nearly a quarter of the global population live with disabilities, only 2% of the Internet is accessible to everyone. To cater to a broader population and comply with the legal standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Selfbook is committed to ensuring that our website is entirely accessible. We regularly audit our technology to guarantee our abidance by the ADA’s standards.

With adjustable features, including ADHD-friendly interfaces, screen readers for blind users, easy-to-use keyboard navigation, and more, Selfbook’s website can be tailored to any user’s needs. We stand by our commitment to be the easiest way to pay for your hotel stay, and that begins with ensuring that everyone has completely seamless and unobstructed access to our website, all the way through to helping our partner hotels become ADA compliant themselves.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG), established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), is a checklist to determine a website’s accessibility level, including ranks A, AA, and AAA. Level A is not accessible for all; Level AA is required to be considered accessible and meets the requirements of most users; Level AAA is the highest level of accessibility.

Selfbook Clients and ADA Compliance

Hotels using Selfbook will have the opportunity to integrate ADA-compliant capabilities into their own websites using a referral code for one of our select partners. With customizable, intuitive features, ADA compliance tools empower hotels to offer a booking experience that is simple and adapted to all users’ needs to ensure truly inclusive access, avoid legal complications, and drive more bookings across a wider customer base.

Benefits of ADA Compliance for Hotels
  • Selfbook-enabled hotels can ensure their booking platforms are seamless and easy-to-use for all guests
  • Protected against legal action for non-ADA compliance
  • Accessibility adjustments for a wide variety of disabilities:
    • Screen-readers for blind users
    • Keyboard navigation for motor-impaired users
    • Color and visual adjustments for visually impaired users
    • Reading and focus assistance for cognitive disabilities
    • Epilepsy safe profile
  • Referral code to one of Selfbook’s select ADA compliance partners

What is ADA compliance?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a set of legal standards that require businesses to ensure equal access for all Americans, regardless of ability. Websites that are ADA compliant help close the accessibility gap by ensuring that anyone can access all content on the site with the utmost comfort and ease.

What accessibility adjustments does Selfbook offer?

  • Epilepsy safe profile
    • No flashes
    • Reduced color
  • Visually impaired profile
    • Enhanced website visuals
  • Cognitive disability profile
    • Reading assistance
    • Focus assistance
  • ADHD friendly profile
    • Focus assistance
    • Fewer distractions
  • Blind user profile
    • Screen-reader
  • Motor impairment profile
    • Keyboard-only website navigation

Why is ADA compliance relevant to hotel bookings?

Any website can be subject to a lawsuit by failing to comply with the ADA’s standards. In partnership with Selfbook’s select compliance partners, hotels can ensure their booking platforms cater to a wide range of disabilities and avoid related legal complications.

Will my website automatically become ADA compliant by integrating Selfbook technology?

No, but Selfbook can help hotels take the steps to get there. All Selfbook-enabled hotels will have access to a referral code to embed one of our select partners’ ADA compliance software directly into their website.

How will ADA compliance improve the hotel booking experience for my customers?

By combining the power of Selfbook’s booking capabilities with the ADA compliance standards of one of our select partners, hotels will have the full package of direct bookings that are easy and effortless for all. Not only can hotels tap into a broader pool of potential guests by expanding the adaptability of their online bookings, but when paired with Selfbook’s seamless user experience, the entire booking flow becomes completely frictionless, all while being tailored to each user’s needs.

What is Selfbook’s WCAG rating?

Selfbook’s WCAG 2.1 accessibility level is ranked AA.

By Haley Crawford

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