Selfbook is a comprehensive hotel management software system that empowers you with tools to drive direct bookings and increase revenue.



Enable continuous connection and allow your customers to effortlessly book stays while staying on your website.

Selfbook helps you optimize the bottom of the funnel and removes disruptive redirects to old booking templates to reduce booking abandonment and boost conversion rates.


Implement a modern and sophisticated user experience with attribute-based shopping, transparent rate parity, and booking flexibility.

Offers customers the flexibility to choose a base rate or premium add-ons such as upgrades, breakfast, as well as extra services and amenities (restaurant, yoga, spa, etc.), providing greater price transparency, convenience, and trust.


Apple Pay

The only direct booking technology supporting Apple Pay, targeting the fastest growing audience of mobile-savvy customers.

Along with other modern alternative payment methods and digital wallets such as PayPal, AliPay, and WeChat Pay, we fully support Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as global credit and debit card brands (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB).

& compliance

Selfbook verifies the validity and amounts of all cards before passing them to your CRS, using a multilayered approach of end-to-end encryptions, rate rules, and built-in security controls ensuring fraud prevention and eliminating inventory hijacking.

Implements a transaction technology that is fully secure and compliant with PCI DSS, PSD2, and Strong Customer Authentication standards, following enterprise-grade security protocols and industry compliance standards to provide low-risk transactions and ensuring the guest’s personal information is safe.



Keep all your systems and bring them together with an API-first architecture empowering you to display dynamic rates and real-time availability of all services anywhere on your website.

Selfbook works with leading partners across the hospitality ecosystem to seamlessly unify the booking experience.

In progress…


Selfbook handles complex rates logic enabling you to sell multiple services even after the booking is confirmed, in an all-in-one, unified payment flow.

Increase your Average Order Value by enabling your customers to select multiple services and add-ons in a single checkout, regardless of rates complexities such as prepaid, guaranteed, and deposits. We also dispatch pre-authorized secure tokens and confirm payments with each vendor in the checkout flow.