Travel is on the upswing, with three distinct surges amplifying the number of bookings hotels are experiencing as the world exits its lockdown state. The first boost, which is already well underway, is the return to European summer travel. Following closely behind is the burst of previously cancelled weddings and honeymoons, now being re-organized in earnest. The third post-lockdown rush is expected to surface around the 2021 holiday season, when families and groups embark on postponed vacations en masse. 

With an impressive number of reservations to be seized upon in the coming months, hotels must ensure they are prepared to take full advantage of the booking boom. While marketing efforts are a substantial part of the battle, enabling the smoothest possible direct booking experience is just as crucial to ensuring that the prospective guests who are drawn in stay engaged until the checkout process is complete.

To accomplish this task, hotels should focus their efforts on offering an entirely intuitive booking experience that avoids tiresome redirects and lengthy payment processes. Hospitality players have long relied on outdated booking platforms in contrast to businesses in the fashion and beauty industries, for instance, which have made easy-to-use e-commerce tools the norm. 

According to Selfbook Founder and CEO Khalid Meniri, “Sites and digital experiences used to exist in silos. You have a grid for discovery on one page, but then, if you want to transact, you are redirected to another. Today, the travel industry still has that fragmented functional silo experience. You go to a hotel website, you hit reserve, and you get redirected to a form-heavy template that’s not secure.”

The solution? Selfbook’s one-tap payment technology. A forerunner of seamless hotel bookings, the payment module eliminate redirects, creates an entirely unified checkout flow, and ensures secure card and mobile wallet processing for a modern e-commerce experience that mirrors the seamless journey travelers seek out when booking a vacation. So, what exactly are the building blocks to offering a simple and streamlined user experience?

“The first thing you want to do is bring all of that together with a unified experience that is as seamless as possible for the end user,” says Meniri. “The second thing you want to do is reflect the brand experience, because what you see digitally has to be parallel with the overall brand message so you can create a direct, continuous user experience.”

With a single line of code integrated directly within hotels’ own Central Reservations System, hoteliers can ensure their guests remain embedded in the world of their brand while simultaneously benefiting from Selfbook’s quick and easy booking interface. Allowing guests to stay enchanted by hotels’ brand identity and experience reduces the likelihood of drop-offs, all while playing into Selfbook’s mission of encouraging direct bookings. The ability to pair the payment technology with an on-brand website is just the formula to keep users engaged and see them through to checkout.

In addition to requiring no more than one line of code added to the hotel’s backend, rather than an entire rewiring of the system, Selfbook charges $0 for setup. This democratizes the payment technology, creates a lightning-fast and secure booking experience, and empowers hotels to start garnering direct bookings right away with no upfront investment.

Once bookings start rolling in, Selfbook charges a 3% transaction fee plus $0.30 per transaction, which equates to just 0.9% of average net revenue per transaction after Interchange++ card processing fees. With revenues skyrocketing up to 25% thanks to Selfbook-powered direct bookings, hotels are immensely rewarded for a fractional cost.

By integrating Selfbook’s payment technology into their CRS, hotels will drive revenues with smoother UX, mobile bookings thanks to digital wallet integration, and no redirects to old-school booking platforms, all while maintaining an on-brand connection to their user base.

One line of code. Zero dollars invested. Limitless direct bookings.